Extensive Research and Development alongside years of fabric testing has resulted in Valour having a widespread library of high-performance sportswear and school uniform fabrics.

Valour specialises in designing sportswear covering all athletes and sporting categories. Our Australian based design team work in conjunction with numerous sporting organisations and schools to create bespoke garments designed and manufactured to provide apparel unsurpassed in quality, consistency and durability.

With an extensive focus on fabric technology, Valour fabrics follow four key values:

Appropriateness: Differing sports have various apparel requirements and need tailored fabric designs to achieve best performance.

Quality Made: Breathable and easily laundered fabrics are vital for sportswear and uniforms. Valour fabrics are robust; designed to last.

Comfortable: Athletes of all levels need to feel comfortable and supported in their training gear and uniforms. Valour focus on utilising materials that are comfortable to wear all year-round while being ideal for the application.

Presentation: Uniforms showcase your club or organisation. Uniforms create a unified look and enhance connectiveness through equality. Valour ensures our fabrics and processes provide consistent, repeatable results that are robust.

UltraMesh is the go-to fabric for cut and sew sportswear. It’s a light weight, easy-care Polyester fabric with cotton lining.

NanoFuse is the ultimate sportswear fabric. Its a knitted bamboo charcoal fibre that epitomises fashion and function. Sportswear manufactured from NanoFuse is highly absorbent, antibacterial and non-irritating.

UltraFlex feels like stretch cotton. It's manufactured from Nylon, so won’t change colour or lose its shape after being worn and washed.

UltraDry treated with Polygiene is the perfect balance of weight and flexibility for on and off field sportswear. Its a popular choice for high intensity sublimated sportswear.

UltraDry is the perfect balance of weight and flexibility for on and off field sportswear. Its a popular choice for high intensity sublimated sportswear.

VSMesh is a light weight, easy care Polyester sportswear fabric. Its perfect for sublimated on field sportswear and custom polo shirts.

A soft, silky polyester fabric that is lightweight and flexible. VS Barricade Lite feels smooth against the skin, making it perfect for athletes playing soccer and field sports.

A dense polyester fabric that is perfect for high impact contact sports. Barricade is resistant to pulling and stretching, making it ideal for rugby and AFL jerseys.

VS Compression stabilises muscles, reduces risks of injury and boosts an athlete’s recovery rate.

VS Lycra is a premium heavy weight all-purpose Lycra designed for comfort and movement. Available in summer and winter weights..

Designed with aquatic athletes and lifeguards in mind, Valour’s Chloroban swimwear fabric will stand up to hours of participation in all water sports.

MicroFlex Lite is a lightweight water repellent and wind resistant fabric. It’s the ideal fabric for track jackets, track pants, sports shorts and dress shorts.

MicroFlex is a heavy weight water repellent and wind resistant fabric. It’s the ideal fabric for track jackets, track pants, sports shorts and dress shorts.

VS Softshell is water repellent and windproof. A bounded fleece lining provides maximum warmth when taking part in outdoor activities. For softshell jackets, its unbeatable.

VS Microfibre is a versatile and lightweight sportswear fabric. It’s a cost-effective option for track jackets, track pants and sports shorts.

DryFlex is 100% waterproof and wind proof. It's the perfect jacket fabric for coaches, staff and supporters cheering on the sidelines in inclement weather.

Wind and water resistant, Nordic Fleece provides maximum protection, comfort and warmth. It's ideal for zip front hoodies.

Soft and luxurious, Arctic Fleece is the softest polar fleece on the market. It's ideal for zip front jackets and long coats.

A premium blend of polyester and cotton, Tropical Fleece is the most robust of Valour’s fleece fabrics. It feels like you're wearing a blanket.


Striving to continuously improve is at the forefront of who Valour is. Our commitment to Research and Development of fabric technologies and manufacturing processes has enabled Valour to redefine the market, offering exclusive technology – unmatched by other suppliers.

Valour match the fabric to the purpose. From formal iron/wrinkle free shirting to functional fabrics matched with top-of-the-line designs to provide comfortable modern fits designed to withstand rigorous demands of constant activity. (or rigorous demands of active children, adults and sporting professionals)

We’re exceptionally proud of our range of elite fabrics and garments which have been engineered to perform under the toughest conditions. We conduct hours of testing and pre-production sampling to ensure superior comfort and durability; and have introduced these technologies to countless schools, professional clubs and sporting associations


Consistency is the Valour Difference!

When working with schools and sporting organisations; the ability to ensure colour and quality consistency over time is essential. Our unwavering focus on utilising high-quality fabrics and colours along with our colourway process guarantees all garments colour match within 1% variance, while the industry standard is 3-5%. Ensuring your uniforms look the same year after year.