RHAC Casio FX100 AU Plus Calculator


$65.00 AUD


The Casio Scientific Calculator boasts a spacious 16-digit natural display, ideal for tackling various mathematical tasks. From random integers to normal distribution calculations, and even finding medians and quartiles, this calculator has you covered. Plus, with up to 40 unit conversions, effortlessly switch between different units of measure for added convenience.


  • CASIO FX 100AU Plus Scientific Calculator
  • Approved by the Board of Studies
  • It has a 16-digit, dual-line display.
  • It uses R03 and AAA batteries.
  • You can use it to convert between units such as centimetres to inches and vice versa.
  • It offers a list-based data entry for statistics.
  • It can be used for normal distribution calculations as well as calculating quartiles and medians.
  • 5 year replacement warranty

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