RHAC Football Socks

SKU: RHAC Football SocksMulti Colour2-7

$17.00 AUD


A technical sport sock designed exclusively for Football enthusiasts at RHAC. These socks are a must have for any field player and created with performance and durability in mind. We have partnered with a specialist in socks, Thinskins to create these socks. 


  • Thinskins navy with gold stripe football sock.
  • Carefully designed to support high performance athletes and an active lifestyle
  • Thin, lightweight construction and moisture-wicking properties
  • Superior Comfort and Fit: Enjoy a secure, stay-in-place fit that lets you move with agility on the field.
  • Navy and Gold Elegance: Look the part with a striking gold stripe on navy socks - stylish and bold.
  • Performance-Driven: These socks keep your feet comfortable and dry during the game, so you can focus on winning.
  • Stand Out and Win: Elevate your game with Thinskins - make your mark and seize victory in style.


  • Nylon, elastane and wool blend

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